Tim Hollenback is the host of the Inner Strength Podcast.

Tim Hollenback is a husband and father to two sons, a podcast creator and coach. Tim was diagnosed with a rare disease called FSHD (Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy). FSHD is a genetic disorder that leads to the weakening of skeletal muscles. Typically beginning in early teenage years with the loss of muscles in the face (facio), shoulders (scapula), upper arms (humerus), legs or core, FSHD can spread to any muscle. Around 20 percent will need a wheelchair by age 50. Over 70 percent experience debilitating pain and fatigue. There is no effective treatment or cure.

When Tim was diagnosed with FSHD he knew there were other people coping with similar life changing news. He decided to take action to make a positive impact and inspire others. Tim knew he could use his talents to help others. That was the inspiration to create this podcast.

This podcast is a platform for all people to talk about their inner strength moments. We are stronger together and sharing these inspiring stories is how we can help each other.


Tim’s quest to share a real life lesson of positivity goes beyond this podcast. He would love to share his message of inner strength and how to live fearless. If you are looking for a guest on your podcast connect with Tim today. He is also available for speaking events with your company, group, church or school.

Tim was the guest on this episode of The Athletic Development Experience Podcast with Lance Baldwin. Tim talked about being a transformational coach vs transitional.


Tim has been involved with sports organizations for many years. Besides coaching his two sons in baseball, Tim has coached many teams and players sharing a positive message through sports. He is a proud ABCA member (American Baseball Coaches Association) and has acquired many tools from this organization. Tim is also heavily involved with local youth sports organizations in his area. Such as Catholic Memorial baseball, Major Youth Baseball League and the Muskego Athletic Association.

Tim is available to talk about how he created a positive culture in the teams he has coached. He offers a clear path, from an off-season team plan to a playoff push that will keep you passionate about coaching season after season. Reach out to Tim today. He loves to share with coaches in all sports and levels.

Click play on this video to watch Tim’s inspiring coaching story.


You can listen to Tim on the FSHD Society Radio Show. The FSHD Society was founded in 1991 by FSHD patients. It is a community that offers support, news and information for those affected by FSHD world wide.

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